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Described by the late Keith London of Hinkley Act as a 'true journeyman', Chris Milner epitomises the classic, semi-professional singer-songwriter.

In recent years Chris has played to audiences in Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Turkey and Africa, as well as at music festivals throughout Britain and Europe, but his career spans over thirty years performing in venues as diverse as bars, folk clubs, church and village halls, and theatres.

His natural voice and guitar playing can hold the audience spellbound with his original melodies, compelling lyrics and stunning vocal virtuosity.

The inspiration for his work is wide-ranging and eclectic, and while it is rooted in his own experiences of life and his travels, the sheer poetry of his lyrics captures and conveys the universality of love and faith.

Chris plays two guitars: a mellow Gibson J200 and a much-loved 1972 Yamaha FG 180.

His musicianship and professionalism are appreciated by audiences and fellow musicians alike.

“His voice stopped me in my tracks.”

“Chris has the ability to make a direct, personal connection with his audience.”

“He's the consummate professional.”

“...sung with soul, straight from the heart.”

“He has a beautifully relaxed and confident style.”

“He was just what we needed, so professional, up close and personal.”

“This isn't background music. I like the directness – his personal stories illustrate universal themes. Heartfelt emotion that stops short of sentimentality. The lyrics are like poetry set to music but perfectly natural, not one word wasted or compromised.”

“As usual your performance was flawless. I consider it a real honour that you were part of this.”

Chris enjoys regular air play on local and national radio, largely due to the success of his most recent CDs, Clear Thinking From The North and Four Fields Meet.


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Chris Milner