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Midnight Wine

Midnight Wine


Is a show. featuring :- Chris Milner-Journeyman sharing songs (Contemporary and Traditional) wine and stories from almost 50 years in the great British folk scene touring UK and Europe. He's now thinking 'maybe he chose the wrong genre' come chill out, listen and advise

It's a full on show with backdrops, props and lighting designed for festivals and theatre

It was first piloted in Buxton and Ventnor (IOW) in July 2021 and at the on-line Great North Folk Festival in May.2021

Midnight Wine Review :- BUXTON FESTIVAL FRINGE => As somebody once sang ,Wherever I lay my hat , that's my home ; and from the moment Chris Milner - Journeyman popped his hat and coat onto the stand on stage at the UCR that's exactly how it felt . Chris has been a Folk Singer for over 50 years and the Journeyman tag reflects the fact that he has played to audiences as far afield as Europe, Turkey and Africa whilst never losing touch with the British music scene and the Folk Clubs of West Yorkshire in particular. One of his guitars his beloved Yamaha is 50 years old this year and he shared a story of how he came by it. having decided to save up his paper run money as a child. There was a twist in this tale, just for us and it was a feature of this particular gig that we felt we were being brought into his intimate circle. Being invited to bring in some wine definitly helped! Experience counts and Chris never put a foot wrong as he strummed his two guitars and sang his lyrical, sometimes humerous songs on subjects including teenagers, romantic break up, vain succesful singers, the deep comfort he has derived from his guitar and a particulaly lovely singalong-worthy finale 'Changing Role Of Woman' To echo a simple compliment that he particulaly cherishes (from folk singer Dave Burland) "Aye lad, nice take!"


BRIGHTON (fringe festival) 23rd May 2022 Quadrant 'folklore' room 6pm
BRIGHTON (fringe festival) 24th May 2022 Quadrant 'folklore' room 6pm
BRIGHTON (fringe festival)25th May 2022 Quadrant 'folklore' room 6pm

BUXTON (festival fringe) 17th July 2022 United Reform Church 3.15pm
BUXTON (festival fringe) 16th July 2022 United Reform Church 3.15pm
BUXTON (festival fringe) 18th July 2022 United Reform Church 3.15pm

VENTNOR (fringe festival)23rd July 2022 The Arts Club 9pm
VENTNOR (fringe festival)23rd July 2022 The Arts Club 9pm

EDINBURGH (fringe festival) every day from 3rd August 2022 to 25th August 2022 C Aquilla venue ? TBC

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