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Up-Date: April 2017

The new CD 'Colours Of Wealth' is finally recorded and available. for quite a lengthy and frustrating couple of years trying to get something out we have gone back to something (and somebody) we know to be, tried, tested and reliable.

Produced/engineered by acoustic genius Brian Bedford of Park Head Studio and featuring Graham Brotton (Blue Sun, Amber Moon, Steel River Band) this is a simple celebration of work and prosperity.

It is available from here or Noise Trade and at Gigs.

Chris Milner is now part of 'More Than'...

The 'More Than'... project is aimed at more intimate audiences, with artists who are writing and performing music, who's faith may be reflected in their work in subtle and unexpected ways, as in poetry, their message is often partly, or wholly, concealed within a symbolic narrative or imagery that leads the listener on to deeper questioning.

Through song and music, it explores life experiences - with all their challenges and complex richness, from a Christian perspective.

In addition , “More Than... seeks to help artists working in areas of, performing and visual arts, to access and engage with the main stream secular world of entertainment and culture.
'More Than' 07594435157


'Thank you' seems inadequate for all the wonderful entertainment you gave the members of Mansfield St Johns with St Mary's Mothers Union. The music and your talk were so entertaining and I know that i speak for everyone who was there. I enjoyed all your songs, especialy the ones written for your daughters and sisters.I will always remember the 'Crocodile'one!Margaret Auld(Mansfield)

Just to say many thanks for letting me have a copy of your ‘Four Fields Meet’ CD, great to listen to, very evocative.Andrew (Durham)

Hi Chris, great to hear from you. Keep up the good deserve every success. Hope our paths cross soon.Chris (Durham)

Hi Chris. I just had to tell you (\'cos I didn\'t get the chance on the night) that song you sang at the Whitby Pavilion last Saturday night-I know not the title, it mentioned the Lancashire Fusiliers, almost had me in tears. Your performance of that song was nothing short of stunning. Cheers.Ledger (N Yorks)

Hi Chris, it was great to meet up with you again at Filey. I always enjoy listening to your music. Bill Fenwick

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your work in creating a wonderful evening on Saturday. On Sunday you were the topic of conversation and many regretted not having been there - asking when you are coming back. Your lyrics seem to speak at many levels. In my mind, One Man Show speaks direct to the church, as folk wrestle with being disciples in a changing world - accepting difference, yet working for unity. I'd like to play it to a church in Hinckley on Saturday morning as they look at new ways of being church...hope that's OK with you. On a personal level, I've been listening to the CDs and many lyrics keep coming back to me - Company Man is too close to home - currently there's tension between working direct with local congregations, which I love - whilst being pushed to climb the ladder and 'be strategic' - you helped clarify a few things... many of the others speak to me personally too :-). Voice and guitar are fab. Truly inspiring stuff. Thanks again Chris, keep up the phenomenal work that you're doing and please stay in touch about the More Than Project workshop - I'd like to come along, and can think of a couple of others who might be interested too...God bless you in your travels and this important work..Linda (Bramhall)

Dear Chris,We wish to thank you for playing at our afternoon tea on 3rd of July. We thoroughly enjoyed your music which greatly enhanced our efforts. With your kind and generous support we raised in excess of £500 for the ongoing upkeep of St Bartholomew's Church,Many thanks for the lovely atmosphere you created...Robin and Pauline Stevenson (Co Durham)

I wish you well in your endeavors. I enjoyed the songs the poetry and the folk edge to your style Through the songs you write you are able to communicate to a wide variety of people on a number of different levels..Dave Bilbrough

See, I wasn't the first to call you a "Consummate Professional" Thanks for your set on Saturday (Maggie Gee)
Now, there's a man who knows how to smith a good song.Rodney Cordner (Portadown)

Take care of that J200 Chris and get into some Rev Gary Davis .. Ralph McTell

Enjoyed your CDs , you must have had an interesting life ... Sue Trainer (Macclesfield)

Thanks very much for your music at HBC last night. it was great that you could give up your time to support the church project. There's a long way to go yet. When fundraising events like last night are so enjoyable it makes it even better. Alan Croucher (Harrogate)

Hi Chris, We all really enjoyed your concert in Wansford yesterday evening. Great voice and technical ability in playing your acoustic guitars. I particularly like the poetic lyrics of your songs. / " Loved ones At Work" - I shall use that in my own particular line of work as an HR Manager. Listening to your songs was an excellent way to finish off my second week of radiotherapy for breast cancer. Thank You. ..Marie (Cambridgeshire)